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Welcome to SHR Resources (M) SDN BHD, a pioneering force in the agricultural sector, boasting a storied legacy and unwavering dedication to surpassing standards. Established in Sungai Petani in 2004, our inception marked the commencement of our venture into the trade of Agrochemicals and Fertilizer products. We promote sustainable and organic agrochemicals and fertilizers to cater to the growing demand for environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Partner with manufacturers and suppliers that produce eco-friendly products and provide certification for their sustainability credentials. Offering a diverse range of products can attract environmentally conscious buyers and differentiate the trading platform in the market.


Principal Activities

With over two decades of industry experience, SHR Resources has become synonymous with expertise in the Agriculture sector. Our principal activities revolve around the Plantation industry, specializing in Legume lover crop Seeds, Personal protective equipment (PPE) Agrochemicals, and Fertilizers. We also cater to the needs of the Plantation and construction sector with our high-quality Nitrile Gloves. Our engagement within the Agrochemicals sector encompasses trading activities involving glyphosate, fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide, along with a significant investment totaling RM 15 million specifically allocated for the importation and local distribution of Hybrid seeds and Fertilizers.

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International Reach

As a company deeply rooted in the agriculture industry, we have expanded our horizons internationally. Today, SHR Resources proudly stands as a global player, leveraging the wealth of experience gained from the agriculture industry. Our main focus lies in the cultivation of Oil palm, Rubber plantation, and paddy products.

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Commitment to Excellence

At SHR Resources, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation sets us apart in the agriculture sector. We invite you to explore the world of opportunities and solutions that SHR Resources (M) SDN BHD offers, as we continue to grow and contribute to the flourishing agriculture industry both locally and globally.

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To improve quality of life for our society and embrace beneficial opportunities in industry development.


To provide and to satisfy our customers with excellent products and services.

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