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Pueraria Javanica (PJ)


Pueraria Javanica or Pueraria phaseoloides or Tropical Kudzu has been an excellent cover crop to prevent soil erosion and to contribute nitrogen in plantation crops in the tropics for many years. The contents of crude protein, crude fibre, potassium and calcium in Pueraria Javanica are higher. The success of Pueraria Javanica as forage is mainly due to the high protein content and the favourable mineral composition. When it is grown with other legume species, it suppresses weed infestation, controls erosion on hilly slopes, enriches the soil by fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by the root nodules, and also adds organic matter from its leaf litter. Pueraria Javanica is one of the best tropical legumes for smothering weeds. In the seedling stage, has only moderate vigour Once established it is very vigorous. It also serves as an excellent soil cover and it’s Shade tolerance makes it suitable for Oil Palm plantation and Rubber Plantation agriculture. The plant is propagated by seeds and cuttings. Once established, it can easily shade the area with their thick broad leaves. Pueraria Phaseoloides are seeded at a rate of 4 – 4.5 kg/ha. Generally it’s seeded along with other Cover crops approximately at a rate of 4-4.5 kg/ha. If used alone, 10-15 Kg/ha.